Thursday, May 8, 2014

the apocalypse in a child's mind

what it is: the apocalypse in a child's mind
where i found it: my home

My kid has recently become interested in Satan. He wants to know what he looks like, where he comes from and what he's up to. I though a good place to start would be reading him the book of Revelations, in which the great horned beast with ten heads, a blasphemy written on each forehead erupts from the sea. Of course the first question was "what is a blasphemy?" When I replied that it's a "bad word" I was then asked "like shut up and stupid and butt crack?" So now I will always think of the great beast at the end of days with SHUT UP, STUPID and BUTT CRACK carved into his many foreheads as he decimates those who were not swept up in the rapture.