Tuesday, July 29, 2014

highly concentrated audio beams to alter your intent

what it is: highly concentrated audio beams to alter your intent
where i found it: don't exactly remember

Somehow I ended up reading about LRAD machines, these contraptions that send highly concentrated audio beams that can be used to torture, disperse crowds, "alter intent" or broadcast crystal clear messages for miles in any direction. Apparently the sound beams pass through walls and other solid material, so don't think you can just put in ear plugs. HERE's the link to the LRAD line of products, the descriptions of which would be good for a laugh if they didn't have such sinister possibilities. If you're still curious after that, HERE's a longer explanation of how these things work.

Friday, July 18, 2014


what it is: foil
where i found it: it's viral

Breaking news is that Weird Al Yankovic is releasing one video a day. I've watched three so far, all great. THIS ONE is extra special, though. Starting off as a regular ode to wrapping food in aluminum foil, it just gets weirder and more paranoid as it goes.

I still believe that his best work can be found in the polka medleys at the end of each album, wherein he simply mocks whatever bullshit songs are popular at the moment. HERE's a great example.

Friday, July 11, 2014

space mountain

I've posted about Ric Flair before. THIS, however, is the best compendium of Flair footage I've seen. You have to ignore the annoying text/link on the screen, but it's well worth it. Space Mountain at his most crazed.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

tree ring music

what it is: tree ring music
where i found it: the "i fucking love science" site

So THIS is an album comprised of slices of trees (walnut, pine, ash, etc.) spun on a turntable, the dynamics and rhythms being translated into piano sounds, which reminds me that most instruments are made of dead trees, as are floors and tables and chairs and cabinets and baseball bats. Don't trees have any rights?