Tuesday, August 12, 2014

slow tv

what it is: slow tv
where i found it: my pocket

This morning I found a newspaper shred in my jacket pocket  that I must have torn out around a year ago mentioning a twelve hour broadcast on Norwegian public television of someone knitting. A quote from the broadcaster: "We'll dive deep into the world of knitting, then from midnight, we'll turn down the pace, if that's even possible. We'll watch the arm of a sweater get longer and longer; it will be fascinating." The article also mentions another recent broadcast on the same network, NPK, of a cruise ship moving up the Norwegian coast for 134 hours, nonstop.

I looked this up and this seems to be part of a "slow tv" movement. Some of the touchstone historical  broadcasts of this movement are mentioned HERE.

Here's all 134 hours of cruise ship footage, which as actually quite beautiful.  Here's the first two hours of the knitting broadcast, described as "from sheep's back to human's back". I find the commentary during the sheep shearing is particularly enjoyable.