Friday, September 5, 2014

night time soap

what it is: night time soap
where i found it: fucking tv

bad fan art
Recently many an hour of my life has been vampired by the Sons of Anarchy. For some reason I can't stop watching, even though I hate:

1) the way the main character, Jax, struts around like a rooster and says "bro" at the end of every   sentence.

2) the totally awful "rockin' country" soundtrack

3) every happy moment the characters experience, which can be divided into
      a) celebratory Michelob
      b) sudden dancing/partying whenever good news is delivered
      c) inexplicable amnesia regarding people just tortured or murdered 

4) The characters' total lack of regard for leaving forensic evidence when blowing shit up and murdering people every day.

Notable, however, is how far Ron Perlman has come since Police Academy: Mission to Moscow and Quest For Fire (in which he played a caveman uglier than any caveman every actually was).

You probably also don't need to know that Katie Sagal sang backup with Mollie Hatchet and on that Gene Simmons solo record that fit with the other KISS solo records like a big puzzle piece like this: