Monday, September 29, 2014

this week's viewing

what it is: this week's viewing
where i found it: netflix

I had the great fortune of seeing three exemplary music documentaries over the past week. Perhaps you want to peruse them too.

1) The Souce Family. See a once-cold-blooded murderer brainwash children, rob banks, establish a health food empire, recruit high school students while wearing sunglasses, die in a hang-gliding accident, sow the seeds of American hippie consciousness, and make sixty five psychedelic records.

HERE's a good Source Family jam, including one of the best album covers the world has seen.

2) Beware of Mr. Baker. See Ginger Baker devolve from the world's (arguably) greatest rock drummer to a cane-wielding arm chair savage. Along the way he ends up in Fela Kuti's compound and gets really into polo. The only cinematic mis-step here is when he's depicted as a cartoon oarsman on a slaveship.  Parts of the film make me actually like Eric Clapton for a minute, an accomplishment in itself.

If you're curious, here's some good GINGER AND FELA material. At time of this writing there's also a decently priced FELA VINYL BOX SET available, curated by Baker.

3) Nothing Can Hurt Me. See Big Star make some masterpiece records and devolve into despair (in Alex Chilton's case, devolve into a punk rock chimpanzee). I'd always thought this band was kind of boring and I dislike their more rockin' moments, but this movie really made me appreciate them.

HERE's a pretty amazing, absurd, argumentative local TV performance of the Panther Burns, Chilton on guitar in '79.