Wednesday, October 8, 2014

the gay whisperer

what it is: the gay whisperer
where i found it: port authority

The New York Times reported today that a particularly brave member of the NYPD has a habit of patrolling the Port Authority bus terminal bathrooms, observing men urinating in the men's room and then arresting them for indecent exposure. Known in his department as "the gay whisperer", he's clearly providing an important public service. Just know that if you visit New York to not take out your penis if you urinate.

Curious about people's experience in general of Port Authority bus terminal, I looked it up on Yelp. Many of the reviews, such as the one below, are both candid and enjoyable. Do note, however, that John T. has zero friends, which is maybe why he has time to be on Yelp reviewing Port Authority.

John T.
  • 0 friends
  • 11 reviews
Why am I reviewing the PABT? Because it deserves a one star review. It smells like piss and urinal cakes even when you're nowhere near the bathroom. Gross.

There are some food and drink establishments there. I feel bad that they are located there. Or not.

Panhandlers aplenty. Be prepared to be asked for money by the same drunk guys over and over again.

Be prepared to see homeless people fighting.

Be prepared to see B&Ters fighting and puking. In broad daylight.

Be prepared for dudes that try to have in depth convo with you and ask you for money while using the urinal. What the heavenly fuck?

Be prepared for pregnant ladies smoking and swearing loudly at nobody while walking around inside the building. Be prepared for nobody to kick her out. Don't try to kick her out.

You'll probably see gross dudes with curly mullets and aviator sunglasses.

This would be a great place for suicide, if you're into that sort of thing.