Friday, November 7, 2014

halloween hasn't stopped yet

what it is: halloween hasn't stopped yet
where i found it: mostly in england

A week ago one of my associates posted a halloween mix that I can't stop rotating. Mostly metal, much of the older Brittish sort, this thing will make you want to be a witch. Because witches have the best music. And their admirers have the best band names (Witchfynde, Witchcraft, Candlemass, Pagan Altar, Angelwitch, Witchfinder General, you get the idea). HERE's a link where you can download this monster.

In the wake of this mix I've been engaged in some extracurricular listening, including a couple of full albums by the above named. Here you go:


If you're really into it, HERE's some person giving a tutorial on how to build your own pagan altar. Comments for the video include such questions as "What is the knife thingy and do you know where I can buy one in Melbourne?"

Finally, while I've posted this amazing video before, it's serves as the best summary I can think of for this post: