Wednesday, December 17, 2014

more on santacon, i can't breathe

what it is: more on santacon, i can't breathe
where i found it: three days ago

If you care to look further into the bizarre mix of agendas that characterized this weekend in NYC, HERE are some videos by someone who actually had the foresight to videotape some of the santa/protester crap. My least favorite part is the commentor who whines that this is news from three days ago. I'm upping the ante by still writing about it four days later.

Maybe looking at all of these santas or posting a picture of Christ yesterday got me in the mood, I don't know, but I woke up this morning with THIS song about the baby Jesus in my head. HERE's the same guy reminiscing about E.T. and HERE his family give us a tour of their home while he's on an "iron vacation", which I take to mean locked up.