Tuesday, December 16, 2014

santacon, i can't breathe

what it is: santacon, i can't breathe
where i found it: my great city

This weekend featured a magic NYC combo of large protests against police brutality and large numbers of wasted santas roaming the streets. Travel on all fronts went down hill: alcohol was banned on the trains to avoid Santa vomit, travel by car was impossible due to human blockades and people in high states of arousal were to be found everywhere, leading bars to post signs such as the following:

Things got ugly as protestors tried to throw garbage cans off the bridge and then ganged up on cops, subsequently santas started harassing protesters then brawling with each other. If you care, it's worth reading about the evolution of Santacon on Wikipedia, its pre-fratmeat origins are kind of interesting. Welcome to New York at Christmas time.

one man takes a stand
greatest form of modern protest: the die in