Friday, December 12, 2014

the torture playlist

what it is: the torture playlist
where i found it: in dungeons payed for with my tax dollars

Mother Jones has been nice enough to compile this TORTURE PLAYLIST, a selections of songs used by the CIA in order to make someone's reality as miserable as possible. It may be the only place on Earth that Deicide and Barney have appeared on the same bill. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm only familiar with about two thirds of the material, so I guess some investigation is in order. I would add to this two other pieces of torture repertoire that I'm familiar with:

1) The mix of These Boots Are Made for Walking with the sounds of lambs being slaughtered pumped through the air vents at trapped Branch Davidians by the ATF during the Waco raids.

2) The 24 hour blaring of Black Flag's cover of Louie Louie into a dark room used by a Jewish fraternity to haze their pledges (revealed to me by a "brother" who had wanted to belong enough to have successfully stuck it out).