Tuesday, January 6, 2015

be kind to the black messiah

what it is: be kind to the black messiah
where i found it: the holidays

Over the holidays I've been in an endless spiral, ever deepening and consisting of the latest Swans and D'Angelo albums. While these two works might seem to have little in common, both artists are fortunate to have never been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Taunts of "I'm a little boy! I'm not a human!" and weird, distorted, incomprehensible overdubbed voices dance in my head at night. Instruments that make no sense with each other mock me. Samples of horses screaming mixed with excerpts like "Jesus had hair like lambs wool!"won't leave me in peace. Someone please help.

Both of these albums really need to be listened to in full, multiple times, for them to really sink in or for aspects of their odd logic to emerge, but here are a couple of excerpts anyway: