Monday, January 5, 2015

beer is the answer

what it is: beer is the answer
where i found it: virginia

I just returned from a Winter trip to Virginia, which continues to evolve as an improbable beer paradise. New breweries are opening each minute and brewers have put together a strong lobby to change beer making laws across the land. Go Virginia. Above is pictured the new brewpub, Beer is the ANswer, opened by a beer loving Vietnamese dude named An who has drunkenly branched out from the pho he's been serving for twenty some years. My brother in law took his employees there for a holiday lunch and An gave the Virginians un-used to these strong liquids so many samples that one of them needed to be taken to the hospital.

Other hi-lights include the Licking Hole, which is in the middle of fucking nowhere, but grows most of the ingredients served in their delicious beers.

the road to licking hole
Also of note, but in a more industrial setting are Hardywood and Ardent breweries, fermenting excellent beers amongst warehouses, crackheads, and late night drag racing high school kids.

the scenic facade that will become ardent

Others not to be missed include Devil's Backbone, Midnight, Center of the Universe, Blue Mountain, and the old school Legend of downtown Richmond. Finely crafted drunken-ness apparently makes life in Richmond - capitol of the Confederacy and home town of Gwar - more tolerable.