Thursday, February 19, 2015

we start with bolt cutters and end up with . . .

what it is: the derek tape
where i found it: alan from new jersey

While I heard plenty of the prank phone call tapes that floated around in the 90s and have meant to post some here for a while, the Derek Tape is new to me. If for some inexplicable reason you get bored with the story about the bolt cutters and the beat down ideation and dislike the real time silences, just hang in there, it really takes off towards the end. 

And here's some loosely related bonus matieral (lizard cartoon set to field recording of person free associating while on mushrooms):

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

more on moby

what it is: more on moby
where i found it: never ending loop of moby confusion

You might remember a poorly organized, somewhat confused couple of posts I did on Moby Grape's second album a year or two ago. As the restructuring of the Wow/Grape Jam LP continues to this day amongst the obsessed, message boards overbrim with Grape related lore. Here's a good excerpt recently forwarded to me:

 From a message board that skinny Frankie (grapes roadie) is on:
"donno if I would have called it an “incident” until after all that occurred (since people, girls mostly, were always giving me stuff to pass to the band) – but some girl came up to me, during the show and handed me a slip of paper and asked me to give it to skip. it said “skip Spence, skip Spence, sitting on a fence, which way you gonna go- Joanna wells” – I gave it to skip, he left with her and we didn’t see him for days, or more, next time I saw him was in bob Cato's office with her and during that meeting (after making loud remarks to skip as to how the members of the band were all against him) she grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to stab Bob Cato- I think Mosley was the one who “disarmed” her and she and skip left- next time I saw him he was at my door at the albert with a hatchet

Hopefully this puts you in the mood for some Skip

Monday, February 9, 2015


what it is: accomplishments
where i found it: florida

A little late on this, but here are  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

regular nyc afternoon

what it is: a regular nyc afternoon
where i found it: work

Being a resident of NYC, I sometimes have experiences that remind me that I'm a resident of NYC. My afternoon at work today provides an exemplary example. I started off after lunch providing guitar accompaniment for a room full of Hasidic Jews singing prayers around their rotund rabbi father. I then moved on the facilitating Mandarin karaoke with an 80 year Chinese old man. This was immediately followed by playing Johnny Cash and Eagles songs with a Wall Street investment banker. Then on to teaching Bach to an elderly Russian woman who had fled Russia as a small girl, abandoning her piano on the other side of the Iron Curtain and never having played since.Then on the subway ride home I was treated to a Harlem preacher spouting a homophobic rant while occasionally doing the splits (?!) for emphasis. No wonder it costs $100 an hour to live here.

P.S. And I get to look at one of THESE every morning.

Friday, February 6, 2015

more applause

I applaud the amount of time and work that went into this.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

dispatches from new jersey addendum

what it is: disptach addendum
where i found it: new jersey

Here's one more dispatch from New Jersey, but this one deserves a post of it's own. I applaud the depth of research that went into this.

Papa Jo Jones

Philly Joe Jones

Elvin Jones

Rufus "Speedy" Jones

Papa Jo Solo 32

Philly Joe #2

Willie Jones I, couldn't find any live footage, but he seems like he was the go to replacement when Max Roach was not available.

Willie Jones III

Rusty Jones

Who did I leave out?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

dispatches from new jersey

what it is: dispatches
where i found it: new jersey

I've been in the process of cleaning up my inbox and I keep finding dispatches from New Jersey, usually alerting me to often-metal related bullshit. Without futher commentary, here are three of my favorites:

I know no one cares but  . . . about a year ago members of Queensryche got in a fist fight with the lead singer on stage in Sao Paulo. Since then, they formed two bands both called... Queensryche! One has the singer and Rudy Sarzo, the other with the old instrumentalists. There is and and both bands just put out records; 2 different records, 2 different bands, both called Queensryche. Promoters are booking the band and don' know which one they're booking. The band with the old members are not showing up to booked gigs, etc.

 Did you guys see this? NASA posts a huge library of space sounds, and you're free to use them.

Here are a different type of dispatches from New Jersey - little clips of everyone's favorite orator, Chris Christie. Don't like what he's saying, but I like the way he says it and that he's not afraid to tell people to fuck off.