Wednesday, February 4, 2015

dispatches from new jersey

what it is: dispatches
where i found it: new jersey

I've been in the process of cleaning up my inbox and I keep finding dispatches from New Jersey, usually alerting me to often-metal related bullshit. Without futher commentary, here are three of my favorites:

I know no one cares but  . . . about a year ago members of Queensryche got in a fist fight with the lead singer on stage in Sao Paulo. Since then, they formed two bands both called... Queensryche! One has the singer and Rudy Sarzo, the other with the old instrumentalists. There is and and both bands just put out records; 2 different records, 2 different bands, both called Queensryche. Promoters are booking the band and don' know which one they're booking. The band with the old members are not showing up to booked gigs, etc.

 Did you guys see this? NASA posts a huge library of space sounds, and you're free to use them.

Here are a different type of dispatches from New Jersey - little clips of everyone's favorite orator, Chris Christie. Don't like what he's saying, but I like the way he says it and that he's not afraid to tell people to fuck off.