Tuesday, February 10, 2015

more on moby

what it is: more on moby
where i found it: never ending loop of moby confusion

You might remember a poorly organized, somewhat confused couple of posts I did on Moby Grape's second album a year or two ago. As the restructuring of the Wow/Grape Jam LP continues to this day amongst the obsessed, message boards overbrim with Grape related lore. Here's a good excerpt recently forwarded to me:

 From a message board that skinny Frankie (grapes roadie) is on:
"donno if I would have called it an “incident” until after all that occurred (since people, girls mostly, were always giving me stuff to pass to the band) – but some girl came up to me, during the show and handed me a slip of paper and asked me to give it to skip. it said “skip Spence, skip Spence, sitting on a fence, which way you gonna go- Joanna wells” – I gave it to skip, he left with her and we didn’t see him for days, or more, next time I saw him was in bob Cato's office with her and during that meeting (after making loud remarks to skip as to how the members of the band were all against him) she grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to stab Bob Cato- I think Mosley was the one who “disarmed” her and she and skip left- next time I saw him he was at my door at the albert with a hatchet

Hopefully this puts you in the mood for some Skip