Saturday, February 7, 2015

regular nyc afternoon

what it is: a regular nyc afternoon
where i found it: work

Being a resident of NYC, I sometimes have experiences that remind me that I'm a resident of NYC. My afternoon at work today provides an exemplary example. I started off after lunch providing guitar accompaniment for a room full of Hasidic Jews singing prayers around their rotund rabbi father. I then moved on the facilitating Mandarin karaoke with an 80 year Chinese old man. This was immediately followed by playing Johnny Cash and Eagles songs with a Wall Street investment banker. Then on to teaching Bach to an elderly Russian woman who had fled Russia as a small girl, abandoning her piano on the other side of the Iron Curtain and never having played since.Then on the subway ride home I was treated to a Harlem preacher spouting a homophobic rant while occasionally doing the splits (?!) for emphasis. No wonder it costs $100 an hour to live here.

P.S. And I get to look at one of THESE every morning.