Tuesday, March 24, 2015

new painful hobby

what it is: new painful hobby
where i found it: a mountain

This Winter I've been stupid enough to take up the painful and expensive hobby of snowboarding. Nearly every weekend I've been hitting the ghetto ski resort up the road from my house, complete with two toilets for thousands of skiers, chair lifts that are rusted and missing bench slats, attendants that yell at you, Orthodox jews in full get up smashing into trees (I've seen this more than once) and abandoned, rotten buildings scattered around the property. I can't get enough of it. For the most part I've also learned that snowboarders are young, dumb, frequently head injured, and usually stoned. You have to be in order to fly off of mountains and slide down avalanches and shit.

When I'm home with ice packs on my knees I like to watch the below videos, the first consisting of superhuman snowboarding feats and the second showing the original Tahoe snowboard scene, which is superhardcore and much more interesting than modern snowboard culture (a pretty direct reflection of skateboarding). Here: