Monday, March 23, 2015

twenty trucks

what it is: twenty trucks
where i found it: my neighbor's kid

My kid and the neighbor's kid have discovered this series of weird truck videos that have been playing on loop around our house recently. While the videos are mostly just stock footage of bulldozers and shit, I'm highly curious who made this music. It's like a mish mash of 80s suicidal dark wave, booty bass and earnest broadway singing; like someone put Joy Division, Phillip Glass, 2Live Crew, a german, and Stephen Sondheim in a blender. I think this mixture of club-drugs-inspired sound and construction site machinery is a novel one. Here are a few of my favorites:

Note: what's also remarkable is how poorly targeted the ads that frequently appear on youtube are. This is particularly notable when you're watching kids videos. Last time I watched Excavator there was a political ad slinging mud at Andrew Cuomo realted to his fracking policies. Google, who owns youtube and knows everything about, us can certainly do better than this.