Thursday, May 7, 2015

broadcast to goats and potentially nobody

what it is: a broadcast to goats and potentially nobody
where i found it: scotland  

Check this out. The 2015 version is happening soon.

The third Dark. Outside. radio broadcast of music that nobody has heard before will be playing for 24 hours to a small audience of  goats, red kites, deer and assorted wildlife on Saturday 27th September 2014.

If you want to hear what is being broadcast then you will have to get to the vicinity of The Grey Mare’s Tail Bridge that goes over Palnure Burn in the vicinity of Talnotry in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park. 

See if you believe we’re making up the names.

If you have music you would like broadcast in a forest to, potentially, no-one at all then send links or files, no longer than 30 minutes long to - Deadline is Monday the 22nd September.

The only rule is that it has to be previously unheard. Be they rejected remixes, demos, unreleased, from a forthcoming release, specially recorded, alternative versions… that sort of thing. As long as I can’t find any trace of it existing via a quick search on-line. ( no being available only in Sweden doesn’t count )

If that sounds like the type of thing you would be interested in get in touch.

Anything sent in will be deleted past the point of recovery after the broadcast. ( the first broadcast’s hard drive was wiped, beaten, burnt and then buried in my backgarden - I’ve since used the Gutmann Method - 35 pass wiping to destroy the tracks )