Thursday, November 26, 2015

etymotic research

what it is: etymotic research
where i found it: a colleage

For years I've been struggling with screeching subways, howling preachers and beggars, and the bullshit conversations of hedge fund employees while on my way to a fro about the five boros. While the sounds of the street can be one of the great things about urban existence, sometimes one wishes to casp a cloak of silence upon the environs. For this I've found the perfect tool: Etymotic Research headphones. Like the bug in Star Trek 3, they nestle deep into your ear canal, blocking out the sounds around while broadcasting perfectly clear audio that needn't be blasted to compete with the jackhammers and verbose schizophrenics that surround you. And, the lower end models sound great without the inflated price tag or battery eating ways of Bose. Now I can hear a perfectly represented aural image of Bill Ward's drum set right in the center of my head and not have to listen to your crap. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

black antlers

what it is: black antlers
where i found it: the coil discography

I've been on a little bit of a Coil kick, trying to figure out which areas of their discography are worth mining. Today I've been enjoying the Black Antlers LP, though have mixed feelings about the song Sex with Sun Ra.

For fun, I took a look on Amazon to see if I could get a cheap copy of the Black Antlers CD. Nope, fucking $250. (?) But just below I came across this at a much more reasonable price:

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