Friday, February 17, 2017

art from banned humans vol. 12

what it is: art from banned humans vol. 12
where I found it: the outside world

Let's now take a little journey through some corners of Sudanese music, at least those that a several-hours-long survey of youtube uncovers:

Here's a group of folks who do a range of workshops and lectures centered around Sudanese drumming. The leader works some spirited educational material into his poetic monologue:

An example of Ethio-Sudanese music, a deep well you can dive into if you enjoy this style:

A Sudanese girl group, a little like a North African Supremes:

Great stuff from an old school Sudanese crooner, Abdelkarim Al Kabli Hani Ardon:

This final example has some elements that remind me a great deal of Cajun music. Unfortunately the titles and comments are 99% in Arabic, so I can't even decode the artist's name. Enjoy: