Saturday, February 18, 2017

art from banned humans vol. 14

what it is: art from banned humans vol. 14
where I found it: the outside world

If you've never seen a film by the Iranian Abbas Kiarostrami, one of the world's great filmmakers, you should probably rectify that. He made many films, the best known of which is probably Taste of Cherry, about a guy driving through the outskirts of Tehran looking for someone to bury him after he carries out his plan to commit suicide. Roger Ebert said that it was one of his ten most hated films, which in and of itself makes it worth seeing.

Aside from his filmography, there are troves of writings, interviews, and other info out there on Kiarostrami ready for mining. Here's an interesting short documentary that includes every day scenes in Tehran, some of K's directing philisophy, and his comments on filmmaking without millions of bucks. In a separate video, not posted here, he speaks about the challenges of making art under a restrictive regime. Along those lines, there's a tiny moment at the end of the above short doc when he promises an actor that he'll continue the conversation after the cameras are gone so they can speak freely. Ugh.

Blah, blah, blah, just see some of this banned human's movies.